Yahtzee Proficiency Test: Instructions

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You play a game of Solitaire Yahtzee and afterwards receive an analysis of how well you have chosen compared to the Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Player.
  1. To roll the unkept dice: Click Roll button (below Score Card).
  2. To select the dice to keep: check or uncheck Keep checkboxes (below the dice).
    Only allowed on first and second roll of each turn!
  3. To score the current roll: Click button next to an empty category.
    Before clicking, the score in that category is displayed below the Score Card.
    Allowed on any roll; however, you must score your third roll!
  4. Repeat steps above until all thirteen categories have been scored.
  5. To receive an analysis of your choices: Click Analyze button (next to Score Card).
    The result is shown in a separate window and can be printed on a single page.
  6. To start a new game: Click New Game button (above Score Card).


How to Read the Analysis

When clicking the Analyze button, all your choices are analyzed on the server and a report is returned in a separate window. The report consists of three blocks.

The first block shows a line for each roll. The columns contain the following information:

The following columns are only given if your choice differs from the choice made by the Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Player (OSYP) in the same situation.

The second block counts all your choices in various classes:

Finally, the mean difference in expected final score per choice is shown. Aim for a value below 0.2.

The third block consists of the Score Card.

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