Solitaire Yahtzee: Optimal Player and Proficiency Test

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Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Player

The Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Player advises you on the best choice to make in any Yahtzee game situation you submit.

Yahtzee Proficiency Test

Take the Yahtzee Proficiencey Test and find out how well you choose compared to the Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Player.

Detailed analysis is now the default.
Yahtzee Proficiency Test without detailed analysis (instructions)

Quoting from MSO World:

Yahtzee is the world's most popular family dice game and this site has an automated computer player which knows the best way to use its dice at every turn. Let it analyse all the possible plays in each situation, and rank them to show which averages the best result; you can even play a game against this Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Player and just find out how often you make the right or wrong decisions!

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